Logistic Services


Al Jawhara has developed an excellent reputation for its customer service and high-quality work in underwater works.

  • Search and Salvage missions underwater.
  • Inspection & Expert appraisal.
  • Installing, Testing, and Detaching Joints, cables, and Pipes.
  • Hoisting underwater works.
  • Operating underwater welding.
  • Performing underwater coating.
  • Performing HP Cutting.
  • Underwater hydraulic works from punching, and cutting for metal, rock and cement blocks.
  • Sludge-Sand Removal operations.
  • Powder Actuated Tool operations.
  • Underwater photography.
  • Perform ‘EOD’ operations (Explosive ordnance disposal).
  • Constructing establishments underwater.
  • Supervising and managing diving missions.
  • Provide technical support about diving field and sub-sea business.
  • Using ‘ROV’ in underwater missions (Remotely Operated Vehicles).
  • Provide maintenance for ships and boats propellers and rudders.
  • Installation and repairing for CP systems for ship and oil platforms (Cathodic Protection).
  • Provide maintenance for pipelines, and pedestals that is related to the oil platforms.
  • Body Recovery.
  • Underwater Cleaning.

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